November and December 2022 Calendar With Notes

November and December 2022 Calendas Will Help You To End Your Year with a Bang.

Do you feel that your life is a bit unorganized and imbalanced? No matter how hard you try, you still face many obstacles and delays in achieving your goals. Well, this is not a very uncommon problem you confront in the contemporary world. The root of most of the failures is a poor imbalance in life. This imbalance further leads to frustration, procrastination, and disappointments. 

Well, there is nothing you cannot do to deal with such a problem. You ought to opt for some efficient time management tools to plan your life. And when it comes to planning, then these printable calendars have a huge role to play. The calendars help you miraculously to sort out the complexities in your life and to make it more smooth and easy-going. Thanks to the competitive calendar market, today there is no dearth of calendars. So, you may use different layouts and formats of calendars. Like there are monthly, two-month, quarterly and yearly calendar templates that you can opt for. Two-month calendars like November and December 2022 calendar are the best tools to end the year with a bang.  

November December 2022 Calendar Template

Your specific needs for time management are also catered by these calendars. For example, there are Monday start calendars and calendar with notes to address your more particular needs. 

November December 2022 Calendar Monday Start 

These calendars are suitable for people who want to plan their week from Monday rather than Sunday. So, it’s a common situation that many of the calendars start with a week from Sunday which confuses many people. Therefore, here we are with Monday start calendars

November December 2022 month calendar with weekdays starting from Monday. It has the vertical layout with bold monthly dates arranged in the grid.
November December 2022 Calendar Monday Start

November December 2022 Calendar With Notes

Thanks to the November December 2022 calendar with notes that provides you with some space to write down things while in the course of planning your week, month, or two months. These calendars understand your pain when you do not find any space to write on a calendar. 

November and December 2022 calendar template in a portrait layout. Both months are laid out vertically, with some area for taking notes, events and schedules.
November December 2022 Calendar With Notes

November December 2022 Calendar With Notes – Monthly 

Planning your month ahead of time is an amazing idea. And such planning is facilitated by monthly calendars you get on our website. 

November 2022 Calendar With Notes

November 2022 calendars make it easy for you to feel relaxed in life. You can mark crucial days, dates and write things in your calendar. It just demands a sense of commitment from your side to get fruitful outcomes. 

Monthly November 2022 calendar with month name at the top. Template has calendar grid with bold month dates. At the bottom section space is provided to write notes, events and tasks.
November 2022 Calendar With Notes

And you can also avail yourself of the November 2022 calendar with notes which help you plan your month with much efficiency. They are quite easy to use and follow a schedule. The plenty of space is much helpful to you to get your planning sorted. 

December 2022 Calendar with Notes

December is the end of the year. It ushers in much happiness and excitement for the people of the U.S. But make sure you do not neglect the work so do not forget to plan this month too with December 2022 calendars. 

December 2022 monthly calendar with month name and year at the top with calendar grid with month dates. At the bottom space is provided to write notes and tasks.
December 2022 Calendar with Notes

There are December 2022 calendars with notes at your disposal. So, you can use these calendars and make a difference in your life.

November and December 2022 – US Holidays & Observances

Looking forward to planning your month while keeping a keen eye on the holidays? Opt for a calendar with holidays. So, if you are excited about holidays approaching in the month of November, then have a look. 

Country/RegionDate & YearHoliday & Observances
United StatesNovember 8, 2022Election Day
United StatesNovember 11, 2022Veterans Day
United StatesNovember 24, 2022Thanksgiving Day
United StatesNovember 25, 2022Black Friday
United StatesDecember 25, 2022Christmas Day
United StatesDecember 26, 2022‘Christmas Day’ day off
November December 2022 US Holidays List
November 2022 US Holidays
  • Election Day

Election day is being celebrated on 8th November this year. It’s a day that is highly crucial in the U.S. Ballots are held to select public holidays. 

  • Veterans Day

In the USA, Veterans Day falls on November 11 every year. This day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, that led to the end of World War I enmity between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. The contribution of the veterans is appreciated on this day. 

  • Thanksgiving Day

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday and comes on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after is also called as Black Friday. It is the public holiday in US. So, it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

  • Black Friday

Black Friday is a public holiday in more than 20 states in the U.S and it embarks the US Christmas shopping season. So, keep your thrill alive by having a look at the holidays in December. 

December 2022 US Holidays
  • Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the most eminent festival in the U.S. This day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. There is so much exuberance and excitement at this festival. Also, on Christmas eve, people love to decorate their homes with glittering lights and statues of Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer. And as per the tradition, some cookies and a glass of milk are left out as a snack for Santa during Christmas eve. 

  •  ‘Christmas Day’ day off

Day after Christmas Day is a public holiday that is celebrated in a few states. And it’s a day off for common people. 

How to Print Calendars? 

Printing calendars is a very easy and fun task. You do not face any complexities while doing so. But make sure you follow the below-mentioned steps and you are good to go. 

  • Select your version of the calendar, see whether you want JPG or PNG formats. 
  • Have clarity on what type of paper you need. You can get plain and photo-quality calendars. See what type you want. 
  • Make sure the template you choose fulfills all your scheduling or planning requirements. 
  • Have a preview of the template to get a clear idea. 
  • GIve the print command by selecting the number of copies you want. 
To Encapsulate 

All set to use calendars? Well, if you are then you might feel that this is the best ever decision you will ever make. Because nothing is more valuable in life than time. So you ought to manage it with the help of calendars. So make sure in order to make your last two-months of the year productive, go for November and December 2022 calendar templates. Moreover, you can get these calendars for free.  

These US Letter Size (8.5x11in.) calendars are available in PDF and PNG formats. Also, you can avail yourself of different layouts as per your preference. If regular calendars do not catch your fancy then you can opt for floral calendars. In case you want free planners then you can download that from our website.

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